Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This past weekend we had a lovely, relaxing, weekend at our little cabin (we call it our "sanity saver").  We have a comfortable, low-maintenance holiday home in a caravan park, on the banks of the Goulburn River - such a beautiful part of the world.  It is really peaceful.

On Saturday we packed a picnic lunch, and drove to a nearby spot in the Rubicon Valley.  I thought I'd share with you a few pictures of my boys.  Such a simple family thing to do, but it was really nice to just 'be', and to soak up the autumn sunshine.

We don't really go anywhere without a cricket bat and ball in the car.  Here are Jack and Ethan playing nicely (this lasted for about 10 minutes!):

J & E playing cricket

We sat down to a simple picnic lunch, and some reading time ... here's hubby and my eldest:

Jack & Andrew - picnic

Ethan was dying to cast a line into the river.  He would've happily spent all afternoon fishing, but for the lack of patience of the other family members!

E waiting for fish to bite

Do you think he looks like he was having fun?

Happy little fisherman

While Ethan expended his energy casting, and reeling in, casting and reeling in, this is all Jack could muster up the energy to do ....

Tired boy

Such a hard life, being a teenager and getting dragged out of bed before midday to join his family on an outing!  Once Jack realised I was taking photos of him, he decided to shut himself in the car and 'pump up the tunes'.  I took one last photo of him before his father told him to "turn that noise off!!"

Jack listening to music 

We don't take the time often enough to enjoy simple pleasures like this day.  It was a highlight of the weekend (well, Jack may beg to differ, but in years to come he might understand!).

It's now only a few days until I fly up to Sydney for Stampin' Up! Convention.  I plan to schedule a few blog posts for the time I'm away, so that if you do pop in to visit, there will be something new to look at.  I won't be blogging from Convention, but will be sure to take lots of photos so that I can share my experience with you when I get back. 


  1. Laugh Christine I can so relate to the teen life thing!
    Hope to see you at convention but if I dont have fun!

  2. Don't you just love teenagers, did you get the shrugged shoulders and the "whatever"? Enjoy Ethan while you can, it will be his turn before you know it.

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend Christine. Great pics. See you at Convention for another lovely weekend!!

  4. Great photos Christine...a picture truly does tell a 1000 words! We also have a "comfortable, low-maintenance holiday home in a caravan park" [at Point Lonsdale] so I understand how special it is to get away. Have a WONDERFUL time at Convention...look forward to lots of inspirational posts when you return!