Sunday, August 9, 2009

Now **THIS** is what I call a cake!

For those of you who expressed concern over my 'special' birthday cake (thanks Claire!), take a look at this:

Bday cake from sue 

I went out for a delicious Thai meal last night with some girlfriends, and my friend Sue (our very own local Martha Stewart) had made this divine creation for us to enjoy at the end of the meal.  Take a look at all that chocolatey-creamy-buttery goodness!  This is a vanilla sponge, with custard cream and white chocolate, topped with strawberries marinated in raspberry coulis. (Sue thought I'd appreciate the glitzy bow!)  Took 3 cake tins to make it that big!

Now, Ethan was a little concerned that I didn't allow him to explain how he made my birthday card, since it was 'exclusively Stampin' Up!', so I'm now going to post a photo of the gorgeous card on its own, and Ethan (8) will explain how you can replicate it, if you so desire.

Card from ethan 

Start off with a Whisper White card, then put on the bird paper from a pack called good morning sunshine. Then get out the saying a special note of thanks from Cheep Talk stamp set, stamp it in Basic Black on some Whisper White paper. Punch it out with the wide oval punch, then get out the little bird and stamp it with Basic Black on Wisper White paper and punch it out with the circle punch repeat another three times. Then stick it down with double sided sticky tape, that's all.

So, there you have it - thanks buddy!  Ethan is my self-appointed Stampin' Up! assistant, and he gets just as excited as I do about the boxes full of goodies that arrive on our doorstep.  He is familiar with all the colours and punches (as you can see - he didn't need need help with the details in his instructions).  Isn't he beautiful??!!!      


  1. Wow now that is what I call a CAKE!
    Happy happy birthday for Friday Christine. Sounds like a lovely way to spend it. (OK except for the going to work bit maybe.)
    Ethan - super job on the birthday card. Love it. Great instruction too!
    Cheers, Sue

  2. What a sweetie Ethan is!!Has Claire signed him up yet?
    Wow!! Great Cake, it is what one on my friends would call a "Scaffolding job".

  3. Happy Birthday for Friday Christine,
    It sounds like you had a lovely birthday and also celebrating with your sister.
    The cake looks amazing.
    Ethan did a fantastic job on the card.
    Take Care

  4. Great card Ethan! Love your detailed explanation as well. Fabulous job. and YES that is indeed a fabulous cake!