Saturday, August 8, 2009


I can now share with you some photos of a few things that helped make my birthday special.  I have been overwhelmed by my family and friends expressing their love for me - thank you all, special people!  Since my blog is devoted to crafty pursuits, I'll show you some of the handmade cards I received. 

First up is the card made by Ethan (the bird one, just in case you're not sure, ha ha) - a 'thank you' card, for all that I do.  What a little honey he is.  I photographed it alongside the card my sister Lynda made for me, which I just love (how gorgeous does that heart look?!). 

Cards from ethan, lynda 

Next is a photo of the cards I received from some of my dear and talented stamping group friends, Kerry, Judy, and Claire.  Aren't they beautiful?

Cards from stamping group friends 

I also received two other handmade cards.  The gorgeous balloon card is from a fellow Stampin' Up! "Art With Heart" team member, Sheryll, who I've never met (thanks Sheryll!).  My sister-in-law, Janette, who is a very talented artist, made the bird card - cute, hey?

Cards from sheryll, janette 

I was very spoilt with flowers, including a boxed arrangement and a colourful bunch from thoughtful employees.  This bunch was from Kerry (my stamping friend):

Flowers from kerry 

and these sweet flowers were from Claire:

Flowers from claire

Thanks again, girls, for spoiling me - it made for a very happy birthday.

Ethan was a little disheartened that I didn't have a birthday cake, so I made a point of bringing home some cake from work (I buy cake whenever it's anyone's birthday).  Ethan put candles in it (we had only 4 candles in the house, so that had to do!), and here is the result - special, don't you agree??

Bday cake 

(I think only a mother of young children would be happy with that!  I was!)

Thanks for stopping by to share in my excitement.  My birthday will be strung out until the end of next week -the way it should be every year, don't you think?  I'll be back with more photos soon.  Really must get some stamping done. :)


  1. Oh dear ... I put this comment on against the wrong photo ... must be an "age" thing ... heh heh :o)
    "I'm a little embarrassed that you put my card up there with all those other lovely ones from talented cardmakers (including Ethan - lol). At least now I have a good stash of matchy matchy SU stuff, so have no excuse for lack of creativity (other than, well, lack of creativity. See, this is all about ME!). How come Ethan didn't offer to do my housework when you were here?
    We've both been very spoilt, haven't we? :o)
    Love you to bits, too, sis xxxx"

  2. Hey darls, glad you had a nice day :) Next year I'm baking you a cake too by the look of that sorry sight in the last photo!! It's a lovely touch, but you deserve a whole cake my dear!!

  3. If not a cake then at least some fresh scones, I should have got Lauren on the case. See you Tuesday.

  4. I love your cake .. and yes it is something that only a mother would appreciate ... you'll never forget it!
    So good to hear you had a lovely day and I love your birthday cards.