Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hello my friends (if any of you are still checking my blog)!  I disappeared for a little while, thanks to a rather hastily-arranged trip to Hawaii, but am now back home.  No cards as yet to share ...... I am hoping my mojo returns when I've caught up with all the mountains of washing, and managed to prepare for my upcoming classes.

Just so I share something pictorial in this post, here are a few photos from our lovely warm break away from Melbourne's winter.  My parents-in-law made it possible for our whole family to go to Hawaii with them (a few nights in Honolulu, and a 7-night cruise around the islands).

First stop was Waikiki for a couple of nights:

We then embarked on a cruise around a few of the islands.

Jack (my 15-year-old) was very happy to get the chance to sun himself on Wailea Beach:

One of the touristy things we did was visit a Macadamia nut processing plant:

Saw some awesome sights in Volcanoes National Park:

Here's my littlest buddy, Ethan, in Kona (one of our day stops).  Our cruise ship is in the background:

 My two boys one night on the ship (aren't they handsome?!):

..... and a parting shot, of Waikiki Beach at night:

It's good to be home, and I hope to settle into a crafting routine this coming week.  I'll be back when I have something to share :)


  1. Welcome home! so glad you actually came back, wouldn't have blamed you if you had stayed there, it looks like you all had a wonderful break.
    Looking forward to catching up. xxx

  2. Great pics, love Waikiki! So glad you're home safe and sound and hope the weather is being kind down your way while you get that mountain of washing dry!

    Mwah x

  3. Awesome photos Christine! I hope the mojo returns quickly xox

  4. You lucky girl you! Hope you didn't get to sunburnt!!
    Thanks for sharing the pics, and yes your sons are very handsome, well done!! lol
    Tam x

  5. Wow! Lucky you! Sounds like you all had a great time.

  6. Welcome home Christine! I hope you bottled some of the warm weather to bring back. Looking forward to catching up when you are back in the groove. Judy xx

  7. Welcome home Christine! We missed you & your gorgeous creations! Your holiday snaps look fantastic - those beautiful blue skies are just glorious. Hope you thoroughly enjoyed your break. Looking forward to catching up! Hugs :)

  8. So glad your home! I've missed ya!


  9. I enjoyed looking at your pics - we spent two weeks there and were probably there same time as you ... Isn't it just the most loveliest place ... The cruise would've been a lovely addition to the holiday ... Oh so envious!!!