Thursday, May 19, 2011


Are you ready to see some more photos from Stampin' Up! Convention that was held in Melbourne last week?  I really should be going to bed (still haven't caught up on lost sleep from those exciting few days!), but thought I'd much rather share a photo-heavy blog post with you!!

The absolute highlight of this year's Convention was the people.  I have made so many wonderful friends since I discovered my life's passion (that'd be stamping, in case there's any question in your mind!).  Unfortunately we're spread far and wide across Australia and New Zealand, so don't get to see each other all that often.  Convention was three days full of laughter and hugs, and time spent with great friends; I just can't wait to do it all again next year.

Almost all of the gorgeous talented women in my photos have blogs, but I am a little tired to link to each one as I type this .... please, contact me if you're unsure who any of them are, or just want to visit their corner of cyberspace.  Let me share some of these friendships with you:

Heavily laden with bags galore, here are (L to R): Nicole, Tina, Kathryn, Judy, Rachel and Kristine - all ready for the first day's general session!

Jodene (one of my gorgeous W.A. friends), and me (not sure what I'm doing with that odd photo face)

Judy (one of my lovely 'roomies') and me

Kerry, Elaine, Toby and Sue (my other lovely 'roomie')

Genna, Tina, Sue, me and Nikki ..... 5/7 of the "Helping Hudson" team (we missed you, Jo and Gardenia!!)

L to R: Judy, me, Toby, Nikki, Sue, Nicole and Tina ..... having a ball doing "Make and Takes" with gorgeous new (secret!) products!

Love this picture of Nikki and Nicole

L to R: Sue, Tina, Toby and Nikki, with me and Judy in front

Most of the super-special "Just Add Ink" team (with a couple of ring-ins!)
L to R at rear: Me, Kim, Tina, Bron, Jo, Mae, Nikki, Jodene
L to R in front: Moana, Paula and Delys

Alisha and Kris

Me with Kirsty (so rapt she was there, against all odds) - hilarious friend

and, last but by no means least, a photo of me with Bonnie and Shannon - two of the warmest, happiest, most gorgeous women from the U.S. Home Office of Stampin' Up!  We just love that they come down every year to share Convention with us.  Shame Bonnie's eyes are closed, but we get only one chance for a photo when adoring fans are queuing up to be next!

And that, my friends, wraps up my account of Convention this year.  I will have further tidbits and information about promotions, coming up, but lots of the details we were told are under wraps for now.  I hope you've enjoyed seeing who I hung out with for most of the time at Convention.  I am one blessed girl.


  1. Great pics, Christine. It was lovely to catch up with you again.

  2. Great photos Christine! Thans for sharing them :)

  3. Beautiful. You sound so happy and fulfilled. xxx

  4. Glad you had such a great time at convention. I've been to a couple of Regionals here in Canada, and to a couple conventions in the States. They're always so uplifting!

    Oh, and I'm going to try the faux mother of pearl on a butterfly like you've done below this post. I've done it once on flowers - thanks for the inspiration.
    From outside Edmonton, Alberta, Canada -

    ps - thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Such great pics, thanks for sharing all your fun here with those of us not attending Convention.

    You and me next year, a lovely pic together!