Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I am having a HEAP of trouble with Typepad, and have tried numerous times over the last few days to post, only to be thrown out repeatedly.  I had a rather lengthy post saved, and it has disappeared into oblivion, so today I am feeling just a bit grumpy!!  (Alright, a lot grumpy.)

I've been playing with my gorgeous new Christmas Classics stamp set (LOVE the crisp images it produces), and have a couple of cards to share, if only the uploading of images is successful, on my 247th attempt.  Here goes ..... 

Oh, wait, I just remembered I promised my sister, Lynda, that I'd post a photo of the birthday cards she and I made for Ethan recently.  Lynda and I are twins on one day of the year (she was born the day before my first birthday); for the other 364 days we do share thoughts, ideas and colour-choices in clothing.  It's a bit uncanny sometimes.  This year Lynda was super-organised and had made my little man a birthday card early.  Foolishly, I didn't think to check with her as to what colours and stamp set she used (you'd think that after 40+ years of 'twin-like' behaviour, I'd know better).  This was the result - Lynda's card on the left, mine on the right:

Ethan's pun fun bday cards

Now for the Christmas cards I have to show you - both using Christmas Classics stamp set and Ski Slope Designer Series Paper, from Stampin' Up!  I have tried several times to upload these photos, and add all the 'ingredients' used, and such is my frustration at failing repeatedly that I am going to try ONE MORE TIME to just get the pictures up.  I'll skip all the extra explanations - if you need any details, just email me!  Here's what I came up with:

Red,baja,olive baubles
How cute are those baubles?  Here's the next one (my favourite) - let me know which one you prefer!  I know some of my friends need no prompting to let me know, but I'm interested to see your feedback :)

Olive, choc chip xmas trees
Well, hallelujah, I've successfully uploaded 3 photos, and even managed to add some text -what progress!  I'm going to sign off here (don't want to push my luck).  Fingers crossed my next post will be smooth sailing, and will take less than 4 days to complete!  


  1. It's the baubles for me, my friend, just loving the colour combo and the paper.

  2. Just to show we don't always pick the same things - lol - I think I prefer the bauble card. Love that paper, and love the way the baubles look sort of plush and quilted. Of course, I like the second card too, especially the little white snowflakes, and the dimension of "popping" up the middle tree. Once again, you've "sold" me on a set that didn't overly appeal to me in the catalogue :o)

  3. I think both are great Christine, but surprisely the trees jump out at me and I love the 3D look. I really DONT'T need another Christmas stamp set! Judy.

  4. Both gorgeous cards - I am really liking this set now Christine!