Saturday, January 14, 2012


Back again, with some of my favourite shots from our trip to Walt Disney World in Florida.  I have a huge soft spot for Disneyland (I've been 5 times to the original park in Anaheim, California), so was pretty excited to be venturing to the MASSIVE Disney complex in Orlando. 

We had a great time, but in my book, Disneyland beats Disney World, hands down.

Here's an overview of our few days in Orlando:

The Disney Monorail stopped in our hotel, which was pretty cool - very convenient.  The transportation system was amazing, but Disney World is so big that a bus ride between two of the parks can take 20-30 minutes.

You can't get much more Disney than this (the castle in the Magic Kingdom)!

Jack and Ethan with Donald Duck in Frontierland (Jack was a bit reluctant, but it's pretty cute, don't you think?!)

Mickey and Minnie topiaries; just one of the cute Disney touches throughout the parks.

Candy apples.  Can't imagine anyone eating them, but they look gorgeous.

My beautiful boys:

Andrew and Ethan partaking in the strange custom of eating smoked turkey legs.  People everywhere were eating them, and we thought they looked gross, so the boys tried them.  Waste of $20 - they threw them out after a couple of bites!

How did our kids ever manage to amuse themselves at breakfast before iPhones and iPods were invented????  (Good to see the art of conversation is not lost.)

One of the gorgeous views on the safari we took in Animal Kingdom (the best of all the parks):

Andrew celebrated his birthday while we were away.  We enjoyed a special meal in another of the Disney hotels.  Jane, our friend, had bought several gifts, and wrapped them all in Disney brochures (since we had no wrapping paper).  I thought that was pretty cute.

Okay, I'm off to sort through the Las Vegas photos now, so I can share the last instalment with you!


  1. Gee you're quick. These are great pics too. Those turkey legs look gross I have to say. Couldn't imagine tackling one of those at a theme park, much rather ice cream and chocs.

    So what animals were in the Kingdom?

    Can't wait for installment three. Oh about 45 odd minutes to wait


  2. Definately agree with you both, those Turkey legs look really disgusting...
    I love all your pics so far, l had to chuckle at the kids breakfast..:0)
    I'm really enjoying these posts, makes me feel like l've been away. xxx

  3. Yep the turkey legs look a bit King Henry'ish don't they. Love that castle.

  4. How cool is the monorail into the hotel? Thanks Christine, I feel like I've just had a mini vacation, lol. Another great batch of shots. Love the one of the boys with Donald. :)