Monday, March 28, 2011


I have no hand-made cards to show you in this post, but thought I'd share a couple of personal things that have brought me a lot of pleasure in recent days.

On Friday I spent a few hours with some of my dear friends.  I met each of these women through stamping, and/or blogging, and can't imagine not having them in my life.

Here we all are (that's me on the left, in case you don't know.  I missed the memo that said to wear pink!):

..... and a picture of my beautiful friends, Kerry, Judy and Chris:

I am blessed to have these women in my life.  As well as being dear friends, they are all talented cardmakers and scrapbookers.  Click on their names, above, to visit their blogs and see for yourself!

Now, I'd like to devote the second part of this post to the wedding anniversary that Andrew (my husband) and I would have celebrated over the weekend, if he was in the country.  Ethan, our youngest, thought he'd do something special to mark the occasion; he made us an anniversary card.  He worked very quietly in my craft room, and came up with this gorgeous creation:

A couple of the little details I loved (he HAS been paying attention!) are the isolation of the "Happy" and "Anniversary", from different stamps, using a marker to ink up just the words he wanted.  Also, he found a little flourish stamp to complement the pattern on the paper, and used two coloured markers to ink that.  Here's a close-up to show what I mean:

What a sweetheart.  How lucky we are.


  1. Oh Christine - what a wonderful card your son made!!! I agree his attention to detail shows he's been watching you.

    Funny thing too - I also have that patterned paper & never even come close "to making it work" - so well done Ethan!!!

    PS Congratulations on your anniversay - I hope you get to go & celebrate when hubby gets home.

  2. WOW! How clever is that son of yours, definitely been paying attention to mum!

    Happy Anniversary my dear friend, hope you get to celebrate with Andrew soon.

    Love the piccy of you girls lunching - I'm sure a fun time was had by all.


  3. Oh no, weren't you on my group email message about colour coordination, how could I have been so remiss.
    That Ethan is a little sweetie and so talented. Takes after his Mum.

  4. Have just read your post and can't stop smiling! I am so *H*A*P*P*Y* to be one of your friends 'in pink'. But next time we do lunch could you remember to come in uniform :)
    How amazing is Ethan's card...such a thoughtful thing for a son to do...and such a brilliant card.
    Belated 'Happy Anniversary'. Andrew owes you big time for being away. xx

  5. Super sweet card from Ethan - great attention to detail! A precious addition to the "special things to keep" collection.
    Oops on the pink, lol! :)