Monday, October 11, 2010


Since I ventured into the world of blogging last year, I have made so many special connections with other beautiful women, who share their talents and lives through their blogs.   Over the past few (super-busy) weeks, I have been on the receiving end of three "blog awards", from dear friends who enjoy visiting my corner of the world on blogland.  I've been a bit remiss in acknowledging, and passing on, these awards, but I now have time to sit down and share them here!

Take a look at this little cutie:

Just the look of the 'award' made me smile, before I read the sentiment behind it.  I received this award from two wonderful women, who inspire me and make me laugh on a regular basis ... it is a bit eerie how much I have in common with Jodene and Helen!  Jodene, I can't wait to catch up with you at Convention next May; and Helen, I'll see you in a couple of weeks!  Thank you both for passing this award on to me!!

I have also received, from gorgeous Patrice, this award:

Thank you, Patrice; you already know I think you are a sweetheart! Wish we lived closer.

With cupcakes, polka dots, hearts and a cute owl, these awards just make my heart sing!  Too cute!

Now, the condition of receiving these awards is that I tell you a few things about myself, then I pass the awards on to 5 others whose blogs I love.  Boy oh boy ... that is no easy task.  I know that some of my much-loved blogging friends have already received these awards recently, so I have decided to share the love around a bit.  First, though, I'll tell you three gripping facts about myself:

  1. I am a stickler for correct spelling and punctuation, and missed my calling as a professional proofreader! LOL.
  2. I think a world without tomatoes and cheese would not be worth living in.  (Oh, and Pascall's marshmallows in the 4 colours, for that matter.)
  3. I have a bit of a strange affliction when it comes to hanging out my washing.  If a piece of clothing requires 2 pegs, they HAVE to match in colour.  Must have matching pegs!!  I've been known to not hang something on the line if I can't match the pegs.  (Sad, but true.  Actually, I'm quite proud of this quirk in my personality!)

I am going to pass on the "Cherry on Top" award (for the simple reason that it was the first I received, and I've just done a bit of amalgamation in this post, that unnecessarily confuses things!) to the following women who bring a lot of joy to my life:

Go check out their blogs - they're beautiful!


  1. Aaawww, thanks Christine. Much appreciated. Loved your washing tale! Where would we be without all the funny little quirks that make life so interesting!

  2. That is so funny about the pegs.....

  3. You're funny Christine! I'm the same with the pegs, although I will still hang clothes out if they don't match. I solved the problem though by buying the pink pegs one year to support breast cancer. No worries matching when they're all pink!

  4. Oh! Christine you are an absolute sweetie! The whole peg thing got me smiling! Thanks for the award.

  5. Congrats on your awards, Christine! :)

  6. ha ha! LOVE your anal retentiveness when it comes to matching colour clothes-pins!

  7. Hey Christine, I've hung my washing with matching pegs today - made me step back & smile! :)

  8. Thank you so much Christine. I love your 3 gripping facts, I totally agree with 1 & 3, but I would have to change 2 to Chocolate.
    PS sorry Christine, but Chris's Rocky Road went down a treat on Saturday, I don't think there was any left to post to you : (