Saturday, March 13, 2010


made today the BEST Friday I've had in a long time!  I just wanted to share with you all a picture of three of my dear friends, who I would never had met if it wasn't for Stampin' Up!  We gathered at a gorgeous cafe today, to celebrate Kerry's and Leanne's birthdays.  Judy, the fifth member of our monthly stamping group, wasn't able to make it (she's in Perth, celebrating another 'special someone's' birthday) - we missed you, Judy!

Kerry,Claire,Leanne March '10

I love this photo of Kerry, Claire and Leanne (although Kerry, aka "Pinky", doesn't look too happy to be FIFTY, does she??  How fabulous does 50 look on this woman??!).

Leanne will probably be unhappy with me sharing the next photo (although I think you are beautiful, my friend!), but it is the only one I have with the four of us together, so it is special to me.


Can you see all the beautiful homewares and gifts in the background?  If you're in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne, check out Succulent Cafe in Lilydale - it's really lovely.

Thank you, my friends, for a fabulous, long, lunch - love you!


  1. WOW Look at all the goodies in the background. It looks like you had a nice day.
    Enjoy. RAch:)

  2. Well that's it now, I can never pretend to be twenty one again, my closely guarded secret is out for the world to see!! LOL. Thanks girls for a great lunch, amazing how quickly four hours can pass.
    Love Pinky

  3. Lovely photos of lovely ladies (four hour lunch?? LOL). 50 certainly does look fabulous on both of you, Kerry and Leanne. Belated happy birthday :)

  4. Oops... turns out Leanne is nowhere near 50; I got my wires crossed. Explains why she looks much younger ;) Sorry about that Leanne! You still all look gorgeous :)