Saturday, January 14, 2012


Since I'm on a roll, sorting through my photos, I can share with you the final instalment of our fabulous holiday.  I thought this would take days, but it's amazing what one can achieve when ignoring the housework!

Our trip ended in Las Vegas.  I wasn't keen to go there (I expected I'd hate it, as I'm neither a drinker nor a gambler), but agreed to it so I could at least say "been there, done that".  Well, was I in for a surprise.  I LOVED Vegas!!  It's a bit drab during the day, at least on the outskirts of the city, but it comes alive at night, and is surprisingly clean.  We had only 2 full days there - one was spent travelling to the Grand Canyon by helicopter, and the second was set aside solely for shopping (and boy, was the shopping good!).  We had half-days either side, which allowed for lots of walking around, and taking photos, and, oh, did I mention shopping?

The hotels on the Las Vegas strip are incredible.  We stayed at the Venetian (not great timing, since 140,000 convention attendees descended on the hotel for a Consumer Electronics Show ... but, as you'll see, we struggled through).

Take a look at the roof of the front entrance to the hotel:

The outside of the hotel, at night:

This shot was taken INSIDE the hotel.  Gondolas (and singing gondoliers) move through canals inside the hotel.  The ceilings are painted to look like the sky, and the light changes depending on time of day.

We flew by helicopter from Las Vegas, to the Grand Canyon (a 45-minute flight, at 300 km/h).  Not easy for me, being rather unhappy with heights and not liking to be 'not in control'!  However, our rather dashing pilot put my fears to rest, and I was able to relax and enjoy the return trip.  Here we are, landed in the Grand Canyon, about to enjoy breakfast set up by the pilots of the three helicopters landed at the same time:

We were delighted to see tiny rock squirrels (told you I love squirrels!), scampering up the cliff face.  They came very close and weren't afraid to steal crumbs from the pastries being eaten by the human visitors.

This shot was taken as we were flying through the Grand Canyon.  Incredible experience (once I got over the major discomfort of being in a helicopter), and awesome views.

This photo was taken on approach to Las Vegas:

We played "how the other half live", enjoying breakfast in the Penthouse Suite at the Venetian hotel.  Our friends had upgraded to the penthouse suite for their stay, and we were allowed to visit :)

Nearing the end of a big day of shopping at Premium Outlets North, Ethan agreed to mind our bags while we browsed at watches and bags.  We came back to find the poor little guy fast asleep (I thought he was mucking around, but he wasn't).

These are just the SHOPS at Caesar's Palace!!!  The opulence that gambling money pays for!

And that, my friends, concludes my summary of our trip.  We created a lot of great memories, and weren't really ready to come home, but I am looking forward to getting settled back into our usual routines (apart from the relentless running around for cricket training and games!).


  1. Sounds like you had a superb holiday, a girl after my own heart with all that shopping.Fab photos.Reminds me of the great times we have had in the US. Las Vegas is really struggling with the effects of the GFC. My cousin lives there and she said 40% of all housing has been repossessed because of defaults on mortgages. Makes you appreciate how lucky we are in Australia. Looking forward to seeing you soon my friend.

  2. Brilliantly photographed and narrated my friend, you have taken such lovely clear pics and boy those shopping bags look like a lot of fun and l love the pic of Ethan in amongst them, cant wait to catch up soon and hear just what was in them all.

  3. Wow that Grand Canyon trip looks spectacular. And having a WOW at those gondoliers.

  4. Your hotel sure was magnificent! Loving the interior. So pleased you got lots of shopping done, I spy one of my all time faves Nine West - do tell, what did you pick up there?

    Those little squirrels sure are sweet.

    Thanks for sharing all your fabulous holiday pics with us.


  5. So proud of you, going in the chopper Christine! The Grand Canyon looks absolutely magnificent & the trip by air would have been spectacular.
    Your hotel looks amazing as well, as does Caesar's Palace. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos & memories. Hugs :)

  6. Spent time perusing the photo's on Facebook. You got some amazing shots Christine. Enquiring minds need to know - was Miss Jane seen without at any time? Sue

  7. Wow Christine - you look like you had an amazing time! Your take an amazing photo! My husband went last year without me to L.A. and Vegas on a car buying trip and did nothing like you did - he tooks photos from the car window! Thanks for sharing your holiday.

  8. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos Christine. You may very well have brushed past my husband who was there for CES!