Friday, June 4, 2010

MY AUTUMN GARDEN, and a couple of reminders ...

Don't you just LOVE Autumn?  Okay, well, we're officially into winter now in Australia, but I am still clutching to the notion that it's Autumn, because I adore all the leaf colours, and the cool (but not too cold) weather.

There are two things in my garden that make me happy at the moment.

The first is my rather sadly neglected rhododendron bush, that, despite its woodiness and curled leaves, never fails to produce beautiful blooms like this:


I should've photographed it 2 days ago, but still wanted to share with you the sublime COLOUR of those flowers.

This little guy, and his friends, are another welcome addition to the garden at this time of year:


You just can't beat the beauty of nature, can you?

Okay, now onto a couple of stamping-related things.

Yesterday I held the first of my two classes for the month, focussing on using markers with your stamps.  I thought I'd share with you one of the four cards we made.  There are still a couple of spots available in my class (same theme) on Saturday 19th June, if you'd like to join in on the fun.  I'm in Mt Evelyn - just email me if you'd like to secure your place.

Teal marker class card1

Finally, a reminder to check back in here on Saturday (5th June) - time for another blog hop!  The "Art With Heart" team of Stampin' Up! demonstrators has a blog hop on the first Saturday of every month.  I hope you'll visit my blog, and those of my team-mates, to get some inspiration for your own projects.  It's a whole heap of fun!



  1. Very clever!! Butterflies look fantastic.
    Very pretty card.

  2. WOW, Beautiful card and garden.

  3. Wow Christine - what stunning photos. They'd look great framed and on the wall! Love your butterfly card too. Can't believe I didn't spot that gorgeous butterfly in my first half dozen looks through the mini. Love what you've done with it.

  4. That is my favourite flower - just beautiful - need to buy one for the garden I think. Love the toadstool too - do you cll them toadstools I wonder? Love the butterfly stamp also - why didn't I remember to add that to my order this week - doh

  5. Beautiful Rhododendron Christine, but that toadstool is positively ugly, sorry!! Love the butterfly card, bet your ladies LOVED their cards.

  6. Well I think the toadstool is great, in fact Holly and I took a special trip up to Maroondah Dam Park just to take pictures of one just like it and several other varieties after school one night last week, after having spotted them whilst cameraless, walking the dogs on Sunday morning. Loved the cards too, now I understand what you were trying to explain last night about the raised circle.

  7. That gorgeous toadstool looks like it should have an elf sitting on top of it! And such a beautiful card too. xo