Thursday, August 20, 2009


Now, some of you (and I pity you, really I do) will look at the photos below and think "big deal, ribbon on card".  Those of you, however, who share the wonderful obsession I have with ribbon, will hopefully appreciate the shots I want to share with you today.

I belong to THE best team of Stampin' Up! demonstrators, who willingly share ideas, information and templates with one another.  Lisa, one of our Western Australian girls (who doesn't have a blog - yet!!), put in an enormous amount of work with a ribbon share for our team.  She put together sample lengths of EVERY ribbon available in the Stampin' Up! Idea Book & Catalogue, and the Spring Mini Catalogue, and sent them to the share participants.  Not only that, but she created a set of fantastic templates to print on card, and attach the ribbon to. 

Take a look at my finished product:

SU ribbon templates 

These cards represent only half of the display cards we've ended up with.  Pretty, don't you think?

Here's a close-up of one of the cards:

SU ribbon template close-up 

How great is that, that you can see and feel exactly what every ribbon is like?  Thanks Lisa!


  1. And I thought it was just kraft you were passionate about.

  2. *gasp* What a thing to say, Kerry!! Christine, I can just see you stroking the ribbons, murmuring "purdy ... so purdy ..." ;o) Only 'cause that's what I want to do! I can feel another visit coming on ...

  3. You are soooooo organised! Mine is still in the bag :(